Disassemblies 9: Guts / Gusts (gestations)

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Initiated by members of Knowledge Is A Does (KIAD) and with special contributions by Rory Pilgrim, Brendan Curtis and Sarah Browne, we present a selection of videos, performance- and sound based works. Disassemblies 9, a reading group and evening programme, explores Vanessa Agard-Jones’ theory on bodies in systems, which she defines as a movement directing us from the innards of embodiment to the space of global capital. The scores, spells and fragments will be explored in the space and on the pages to explore the ways in which meaning and power can be re-charted.

Full programme: €10 *
16:00 Reading group
18:00 Break
20:00 Evening Programme
* (RSVP to [email protected])

Evening programme: €8 / €5 (reduction)
20:00 Programme of short films

With: Kym Ward, Toon Fibbe, Rory Pilgrim, Katherina Zimmerhackl, Sarah Browne and Karisa Senavitis.

Discover the full programme: Disassemblies 9: Guts / Gusts (gestations)



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Friday, March 22, 2019 (All day)


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