Elas Por Trás Das Câmeras (Women Behind Cameras)

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We are all very different inhabiting disparate world of thoughts. This retrospective called Elas Por Trás Das Câmeras (aka Women Behind Cameras) showcases works of several women video artists and filmmakers from Brazil. Each of them discerns the world in a distinctively different and divergent way. When they move they also move their world. What surrounds them at each instant is a part of a private universe that advances with them. This said and au fait with the myriad of possibilities to discover the world of art with a movie camera, here we are agog to see what unites them "As Mulheres", what converges the works that they represent, perhaps a graceful dainty experience they share in common in their way of visualizing the world they occupy, the most essential praxis that prevails and circumscribes them and at the end the unique mechanism that led auteur to become an inevitable part of it. 


Curated by Raju Roychowdhury

  • Flickering (2'45'' - Brazil, 2009) by Kika Nicolela
  • Ajna (6'52" - Brazil, 2018) by Sara Ntn and Julia Baumfeld
  • Animal-Estar (4'30'' - Brazil, 2017) by Bárbara Bergamaschi
  • Era (7'24'' - Brazil, 2017) by Julia Baumfeld
  • Espectros (3'16'' - Brazil, 2016) by Nico Loiola
  • So many voices in silence now (11'34" - Brazil, 2018) by Cris Miranda
  • Blindly (6' - Brazil/Belgium, 2016) by Kika Nicolela
  • Vestige (3'29" - Brazil, 2017) by Yasmin Rahmeier
  • Let's take a walk (4'42'' - Brazil/Argentina, 2018) by Moira Lacowicz
  • Still (14'08'' - Brazil, 2016) by Kika Nicolela and Ana Teixeira
  • Hortus Animae (7'15" - Brazil, 2018) by Duo Libélula & Mariposa (Monique Huerta & Yudji Oliveira)
  • GÉIA (3'19'' - Brazil, 2018) by Mariana Boaventura & Marina Ariano
  • Eu Robô (10'27'' - Brazil, 2017) by Sara Ntn
  • DESESMETAK (2'56" - Brazil, 2010) by Kika Nicolela



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Monday, December 10, 2018 (All day) to Saturday, December 15, 2018 (All day)


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