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Now in its third edition, the Laterale Film Festival continues to stimulate reflection, curiosity and sensitivity towards an international research cinema. A cinema with an unprecedented expressive power and an original look, made of unusual films, innovative films, poetic films that often, unjustly, do not find the attention and circulation they deserve.

This year the selection of the Laterale Film Festival - which has as its claim “To whom creates and looks for exile films” - has twenty short films, mostly directed by young authors, from Italy, Greece, United States, United Kingdom, Poland, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal.

The Machine to explore the invisible continues to devote itself to independent works, self-produced, low-budget or no-budget, the result of individual research paths, without distinction of technique and gender.
Works in which the experimentation of unusual film languages and new production methods does not want to be a pure exercise of style, but rather the search for new, lateral, perspectives from which to question the contemporary.

This third edition confirms the richness and excitement of the new cinematographic panorama, and, as usual, involves the intervention of some Italian and foreign directors in the room, to converse with the curators and the public.

The event is free admission and does not have a competitive character: it does not end with a proclamation of winners and losers that would risk penalizing the works, but intends to stimulate confrontation, create openings around new artistic objects intended as social objects.

Laterale has gradually become a reference point for Italian and foreign enthusiasts and filmmakers, and for local citizenship. Despite the clichés they want the "finished" cinema due to the low number of visitors and distribution difficulties, despite the fact that the provincial realities are considered stagnant and isolated, at its third edition the festival continues to expand and diversify the cultural offer, bringing on the screen as soon as it remained at its edges. Moreover, it is often on the margins, on the outskirts, at the limits of an empire, far from the usual centers, that new encounters are made and new stimuli and knowledge are discovered.

Below is the program of the three evenings (free admission):

June 7th
metà corpo e metà ombra
- The day before tomorrow - 2018 - Andreas Petrakis (Grecia) - 19'
- Lumen - 2018 - Richard Ashrowan (Regno Unito) - 3'
- Esfinge - 2018 - Elisa Celda & Gabriel Ruiz Larrea (Spagna) - 13'
- Efeso - 2018 - Alberto Baroni (Italia) - 18'
- Variazioni luminose nei cieli della città - 2019 - Giuseppe Spina (Italia) - 6'
- A return - 2018 - James Edmonds (Germania/Regno Unito) - 6'
- Level 305 - 2018 - Adriana Ferrarese (Italia) - 10'

June 8th
- The Dream of Lady Hamilton - 2018 - Olivier Cheval (Francia) - 22'
- The desert forgotten - 2018 - Daniel Murphy (Stati Uniti) - 11'
- Love Canal - 2017 - Elsa Brès (Francia) - 18'
- Luna in capricorno - 2018 - Ilaria Pezone (Italia) - 5'
- Fortuna - 2018 - Miguel Tavares (Portogallo) - 15'
- Clearing - 2018 - Eric Ko (Stati Uniti) - 3'
- Le case che eravamo - 2018 - Arianna Lodeserto (Italia) - 18'

June 9th
luogo e impulso
- A picture of a beast precedes the beast - 2018 - Marta Stysiak (Polonia) - 15'
- From day to night - 2018 - Robert Orlowski (Stati Uniti) - 15'
- Two - 2018 - Vasilios Papaioannu (Stati Uniti) - 8'
- Horta - 2017 - Pilar Palomero (Spagna) - 15'
- Monte Amiata - 2018 -Tommaso Donati (Italia) - 22'
- Viaggio - 2018 - Alex Morelli (Stati Uniti) - 6'



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Friday, June 7, 2019 (All day) to Sunday, June 9, 2019 (All day)
  • Vico San Nicola
    87100   Cosenza
    39° 15' 12.2616" N, 16° 13' 9.3468" E