Últimas noticias

  • MANA Contemporary Body + Camera Film Festival

    Mana Contemporary Chicago, in collaboration with Chicago Dancemakers Forum and montom arts, is accepting entries for the first annual Mana Contemporary Body + Camera Film Festival.

    This dynamic new festival celebrates the intersection between the moving body and the moving image, focusing on risk-taking and independent artists, with contemporary, experimental projects that push traditional mediums to their edge.


    Lunes, Febrero 20, 2017 (Todo el día)
  • Close-Up: Storm De Hirsch - Goodbye In The Mirror

    First of their new strand of screenings at Close-Up, and programmed by Arindam Sen, Rattis Books presents Storm De Hirsch's rarely screened Goodbye in the Mirror on a beautiful 16mm print, "A dramatic feature shot on location in Rome. Centred around the adventures and illusions of three girls living abroad, the film explores their restlessness and personal involvements in assuming the role of woman as hunter".


    Viernes, Septiembre 16, 2016 - 20:00