Últimas noticias

  • PRISME #1

    For the first edition of PRISME, Mire would like to share its knowledge of an analog filmmaking made around the world which, more than a simple activity, is a real exploration process.  Claiming ways of seeing, doing and thinking above all, PRISME lets cinema freeze or expand, presents pionniering practices and discusses about the future, opens to photography, visual, performative, sound arts.


    De Jueves, Diciembre 6, 2018 (Todo el día) hasta Domingo, Diciembre 9, 2018 (Todo el día)
  • San Diego Underground Film Festival 2019

    San Diego Underground Film Festival (SDUFF) is San Diego's premier showcase of experimentation in video, film, and audio based mediums. A strong DIY ethos, combined with an art school brain and a punk rock heart makes the San Diego Underground Film Festival a unique place for films, videos, and audio pieces that strive to push the boundaries of accepted form and content. Films and videos that dissent radically in form or technique will be our priority in selections.

    Fecha límite: 

    Domingo, Junio 16, 2019 (Todo el día)
  • III International Bad Video Art Festival Open Call

    III International Bad Video Art Festival will take place in Moscow, Russia, in spring 2019. 

    We are looking for videos which are at the intersection of bad art, bad painting and bad cinema. We propose to study extreme forms of video art and single out certain video art works as bad videos or "B-videos". Join us if you are interested in the issues of quality and boundaries of art, or just love video art. 

    Open to artists worldwide. NO fees.

    Fecha límite: 

    Sábado, Diciembre 15, 2018 (Todo el día)
  • The Pursuit of Wholeness: Gregory Markopoulos

    The Pursuit of Wholeness pays tribute to seminal avant-garde filmmaker Gregory Markopoulos, with rare 16mm screenings of two of Markopoulos’ most acclaimed films and an exclusive preview of film critic Georgia Korossi’s documentary Devotion, a film that gives precious testimony of the 2016 edition of Temenos, the quadrennial event of screenings of Markopoulos’ monumental Eniaios. Curated by Eleonora Pesci this programme especially focuses on the ongoing, profound bond between the filmmaker’s works and his Greek heritage.


    Viernes, Diciembre 7, 2018 (Todo el día)
    Domingo, Diciembre 9, 2018 (Todo el día)


  • Patio De Salvataje 3 - Convocatoria de Videos Monocanales y GIF

    En las primeras ediciones de PDS nos propusimos ocupar un espacio, nuestro pregunta era qué hacer en un patio de servicio de un hotel, nuestra sede original. Esa pregunta define nuestro festival: PATIO DE SALVATAJE es un lugar de acopio, abastecimiento, suministro , aprovisionamiento, almacenamiento, acumulación, depósito …pero no de piezas de embarcaciones desguazadas que pueden ser reutilizadas - como dicta su definición literal - si no de producciones audiovisuales.

    Fecha límite: 

    Miércoles, Diciembre 5, 2018 (Todo el día)
  • Another Experiment by Women Film Festival 9th Season

    Another Experiment by Women Film Festival (AXW) has promoted and screened women’s experimental films since 2010 in Manhattan NY. Many of these works feature underrepresented themes and issues distinct to women and girls. 
The presentation of experimental film remains somewhat invisible to the general public and is not usually seen outside of an academic or film society realm; these public screenings give visibility to women’s work; and all program notes and blog posts are archived on our web-site.

    Fecha límite: 

    Viernes, Febrero 15, 2019 (Todo el día)