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  • Angular: Selection Volume 01

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    Spanish DVD publisher Angular has unveiled the contents of their first release, a compilation of experimental films and artists' videos selected from the call issued last July. The DVD, to be released in the upcoming months will also feature a booklet with critical texts on the films.


    - Stephen Broomer
    Spirits in Season (16 mm, 12 min., 2012, Canada)

    - Scott Fitzpatrick
    Wingdings Love Letter / Places With Meaning (16 mm, 5 min., 2012 - 2013, Canada)

    - Tomonari Nishikawa
    Tokyo - Ebisu (16 mm, 5 min., 2010, Japan)
    Shibuya Tokyo (16 mm, 10 min., 2010, Japan)

    - Jennifer Proctor
    A Movie by Jen Proctor (Video, 12 min., 2010 - 2012, USA)

    - Blanca Rego
    Engram (optical sound #001) (Video, 2 min., 2013, Spain)

    - Jesse Mclean
    Remote (Video, 11 min., 2011, USA)

    - Andrés Denegri
    Aula Magna (Super 8, 7 min., 2013, Argentine)

    - Mauri Lehtonen
    Physical Examination (16 mm/Video, 3 min., 2012, Finland)

    - Anna Marziano
    The Mutability of All Things and the Possibility of Changing Some (Super 16, 16 min., 2011, France - Italy)

    - Salomé Lamas
    Encounters with Landscape 3x (Video, 29 min., 2012, Portugal)

    - Guest Filmmaker: Chris Gallagher
    Seeing in the Rain (16 mm, 10 min., 1981, Canada)


  • Visual Music Award 2014 to be celebrated in Gelnhausen

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    This year's prize winners and awardees of the Visual Music Award competition will receive a certificate and also prizes by the sponsors as well as a unique presentation of their works at the evening of the prize ceremony on March 28th 2014 in Gelnhausen, the birthplace of Oskar Fischinger. Your works will be presented on a big screen in the Gelnhausen cinema - which was voted as the best "Hessian Cinema 2013".


  • IFFR 2014: Hannes Schüpbach & Jodie Mack

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    The 2014 edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) will feature this year two profile scrrenings as part of its Spectrum Shorts section, dedicated to Swiss artist Hannes Schüpbach (Friday January 24th) and to experimental animator Jodie Mack (Sunday January 26th). 

    Schüpbach will present three of his filmworks, that "emphasize the corporeal act of vision and of revision", L’Atelier (2007), his latest Instants (2012), and Falten (2005), in a programme curated by Erwin van ’t Hart. A special edition of the forthcoming publication by Hannes Schüpbach & French writer Joël-Claude Meffre, INSTANTS (Revolver Publishing, Berlin, February 2014) will be distributed to the public.

    Let your light shine, an anthology of recent films by Jodie Mack, "investigates the formal principles of abstract cinema while maturing an interest in found materials, evolving modes of production, forms of labor, and the role of decoration in daily life.", and includes her 'animated personal rockumentary' Dusty Stacks of Mom: the Poster Project.


  • now what #2

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    now what #2
    Call for Film, video, new media, and moving image performances

    presented by Microscope Gallery
    at our neighbors, Running Rebel Studios
    Deadline Midnight, July 15th, 2013

    now what returns for a second installment this August. Once again, we are seeking film, video, and new media submissions of all types and formats as wells as live expanded cinema or film/video performances for one-day event of programs. Works under 15 minutes (screening) or 30 minutes (performance) and completed during the past year are preferred.

    To submit, send your name, contact info, link to work, title info, length, completion date, screening format, description, any documentation, and credits by filling out the form HERE. If your work is not available online, please send the requested information and a preview DVD to: Microscope Gallery (Attention: Now What) 4 Charles Place, Brooklyn, NY 11221. Mailed submissions must be received by the deadline date.

    Microscope Gallery is a gallery space in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Microscope has been presenting exhibitions and regular screenings, sound, performance and other events since September 2010.

    now what #2 will take place August 1, 2013 at our neighbors, Running Rebel Studio at 6 Charles Place Brooklyn, NY 11221.

    Submission deadline is July 15 at Midnight.
    Selected works will be announced by July 25.

    Up to two works may be submitted by each artist or group for this call.

    For questions or more information contact Microscope Gallery at [email protected]


  • Double Your Pleasure: 16mm Films by Jennifer Reeves and MM Serra

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    The Film-Makers' Cooperative Presents
    Double Your Pleasure: 16mm Films by Jennifer Reeves and MM Serra
    Friday, June 28 2013, 20h
    Spectacle Theater
    124 S. 3rd Street, Brooklyn 11211

    Artists in attendance!

    - The Girl's Nervy (Jennifer Reeves, 1995)
    - Soi Meme (MM Serra, 1995)
    - Darling International (Jennifer Reeves & MM Serra, 1999)
    - Fear of blushing (Jennifer Reeves, 2001)
    - Double your pleasure (MM Serra (sound by and starring Jennifer Reeves), 2002)


  • Independent Film Show 13th Edition

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    Independent Film Show 13th edition, an international show dedicated to experimental cinema, anticipates the annual event on Thursday 27, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June, planning the three programs and the two expanded cinema performances on the Museo Nitsch’s terrace.

    The Independent Film Show focuses on the multiple processes that film/video-makers create to give structure to the intense relationships that exist between the devices used for projection and the interpretative participation of the audience. Past editions have often highlighted the special capabilities of experimental cinema, which does not impose a standardised view, but requires the spectator to watch with conscious application, in order to appreciate the intricate formal representations, the complex social codes, and extensive cognitive aspirations that extend beyond the screen. The immersive possibility of establishing direct contact with independent cinematic philosophies and highlighting the alternatives and innovations that subvert the logic of the standard production is the key to the approach required to access these complex visual patterns. The interference of the lights of the milieu, the position of the projectors, the reflective quality of the screen, the line of vision and its position within the field of vision contribute to the creation of the film, and it is at the moment that the viewer becomes aware of the solidity of the photons, which impress upon his gaze and envelop the body, that the cognitive process able to form complex mental structures is activated.


  • MRES Art: Moving Image 2013-2015

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    MRES Art: Moving Image 2013-2015
    A Unique Masters degree devoted to the study of Artists' Moving Image
    Open for applications

    Over the past two decades, artists moving image has proved itself a dynamic and thriving area of art practice, to be encountered in the gallery, museum, cinema auditorium, and a host of other unexpected venues. But what about the rich and fascinating histories, theories and aesthetics that have led artists to turn to film and video? And what insights can a study of artists moving image offer us for understanding the diverse practices that now fill art spaces internationally as well as in the UK?

    A unique association between LUX and Central St Martins College of Art has created a research led masters degree to address these questions. The course is focused on nurturing a discursive culture around moving image art, and offers a number of unique features for students interested in studying and working in the field of artist's moving image.

    As the only course of its kind dedicated solely to the study of artist filmmaking, the pathway offers an in depth insight and understanding into the theories, aesthetics and histories that have contributed to its rich and diverse culture and filmmaking practices. Seminars are led by eminent scholars in the field: including Dr Maeve Connolly, Melissa Gronlund, Dr Rachel Moore, Uriel Orlow, Filipa Ramos and Dr Duncan White. Visiting lecturers include Dr Ros Gray, Jonathan Walley, Federico Windhausen and Dr Maxa Zoller, as well as Benjamin Cook, Mike Sperlinger and Gil Leung from LUX.


  • Ruminate and Curator Short Film and Video Art Competition

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    The Curator and Ruminate Magazine are pleased to host a competition for contemporary artists who create work with moving images. Submissions will be considered on a competitive basis first by a selection panel and then final jury process.

    We invite submissions in two categories: Short Film and Video/ or alternative Time-based media.
    Submissions are open to any theme, subject, or concept. The only requirement is that work be intended or designed for presentation through digital video projection.

    The winner in each category will receive:
    - Their work posted on both Ruminate Magazine & Curator’s websites
    - Publication of still images from their work in Ruminate Magazine’s Winter 2013 or Spring 2014 issue
    - Screening of their work at the CURATOR International Arts Movement (IAM) conference in NYC, October 3rd-5th, 2013.
    - $250 cash prize

    Deadline: August 1, 2013
    Entry Fee: $18


  • Visual Errata + Other Bent Forms

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    Visual Errata + Other Bent Forms
    The Selected Works of Clint Enns
    Monday June 17th, 19h
    Microscope Gallery
    4 Charles Place, Brooklyn NY 11221
    Artist in person

    Microscope Gallery is very pleased to welcome visiting Canadian filmmaker Clint Enns for his first U.S. solo screening. Enns’ video works often feature glitch and circuit-bending experiments, remakes of classic avant-garde films, and bizarre appropriations. His 2012 video remake of James Benning’s film “Ten Skies”, featuring only the cloud sections, was shown as part of Microscope’s multi-program event “Now What” this January.

    Clint Enns is a video artist and filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario, whose work primarily deals with moving images created with broken and/or outdated technologies. His work has shown both nationally and internationally at festivals, alternative spaces and microcinemas including Onion City, Images Festival, He has recently received a Master’s degree in Cinema and Media from York University. His writings and interviews have appeared in Millennium Film Journal, Incite! Journal of Experimental Media and Spectacular Optical. 


  • The Third Annual Chicago 8: Small Gauge Film Festival

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    The Third Annual Chicago 8: Small Gauge Film Festival
    October 18-20th 2013 @ The Nightingale
    Call for entries

    The Chicago 8 Small Gauge Film Festival focuses on providing an opportunity to exhibit a wide selection of Super 8 experimental films from around the world created by new, emerging, and professional filmmakers. Our goal is to keep small gauge filmmaking alive, to encourage further activity in this format, and to provide an opportunity for these rare gems to be seen by the Chicago community. We realize how delicate and impermanent S8mm & small gauge filmmaking is, now more than ever. We feel it is of upmost importance to share these films with you and along the way we hope to encourage, inspire, and support those who bravely continue to work in these small formats.

    In our first two years we’ve shown over 120 films by 85 filmmakers from the US, Canada, Argentina, Taiwan, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, and, The Netherlands.