Open City Cinema presents: Stephen Broomer vs. Toronto

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Stephen Broomer in person

Fresh out of screenings at TIFF Wavelengths, Views from the Avant Garde and Migrating Forms, Open City Cinema is proud to bring Toronto experimental filmmaker Stephen Broomer to Winnipeg to present a program of his meticulous and visually stunning films.

Broomer will be on hand to introduce his program and answer audience questions, and will also present a program of contemporary Toronto experimental works that he has curated.

Programme #1 - Stephen Broomer - 19:30h
- Balinese Rebar (2011, 16mm, sound, 3:30)
- Christ Church - Saint James (2011, 16mm, sound, 6:30)
- Spirits in Season (2012, 16mm on video, sound, 12:30)
- Queen's Quay (2012, Super8, silent, 1)
- Pepper's Ghost (2013, HD, sound, 18:30)
- Manor Road (2010, 16mm, silent, 3:30)
- Championship (2013, video, sound, 21:30)

Programme #2 -Toronto strikes back - 20:30h
Contemporary Toronto works curated by Stephen Broomer
- Therrien (Emmalyne Laurin, 2013, Super8, 2:00, silent)
- There a Puppy (Cameron Moneo, 2013, Super8, 3:42, sound)
- Sunhood (Cameron Moneo, 2013, 16mm, 10:00, sound)
- Untitled 2013.08 (Dan Browne, 2013, video, 2:50, silent)
- Nude Descending (After Duchamp) (Dan Browne, 2013, video, 2:00, silent)
- Sugar Beach (Mark Loeser, 2011, 35mm/video, 4:13, silent)
- Nationtime (Christine Lucy Latimer, 2013, video, 1:00, silent)
- Badlands (Eva Kolcze, 2013, video, 4:00, silent)
- The Everden (Clint Enns, 2012, video, 14:00, sound)



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