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Directors Lounge Screening: Maria Korporal - Lines in Between the Maze

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Metaphors combine beauty with a call for a better life. The Berlin artist Maria Korporal studied in the Netherlands and was working and living in Italy until 2013. Her videos, installations and performances show a strong technical affinity, while at the same time, the content of her works often criticizes the Western and economically oriented civilization. Her films are hybrid combinations of recorded video footage, animated text and digital animations from drawings and photographs. Often inspired by lyrics, they could be read as visual poetry or video aphorisms. The short narratives also remind of fable tales from another age, addressing contemporary issues of love, gender and nature.

The artist will be present for Q&A. Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr

Artist Link:

Directors Lounge

Image Gallery: 

… in-volo-quadrato … Maria Korporal
… in-volo-quadrato … Maria Korporal


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